Commercial And Industrial Cleaning By BAPS Cleaning

BAPS provides commercial and industrial cleaning services throughout Australia. We are proud to be a leader in the cleaning services industry. We continue to develop our business and maintain our reputation of a quality service provider. We provide extensive services that are customisable to meet individual customer requirements. This allows our customers to choose only the services they require. In addition, our customers are able to contract with BAPS for all of their cleaning needs. Our customers do not need to use multiple service companies to maintain their properties. BAPS is able to provide quality services for any business sector and can maintain the interior and exterior of any facility.

Professional Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning

With well trained personnel working with us we assure you that you are in good hands. Our staffs are equipped to clean with superior cleaning techniques while following the special health and safety standards regardless of the size of the business. We are flexible with our working hours so as to not clash with your working hours. We use a wide variety of cleaning methods, equipment, and chemicals to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process.

Our scope of work includes internal, general and routine cleaning - including carpet cleaning, floor polishing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, restroom sanitation, floor strip and seal, high pressure cleaning, bricks cleaning, rubbish removal, initial and final construction cleaning and dishwashing.

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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial working environment like factories, food producing plants and other industrial job sites can be challenging with safety risk cleaning around heavy machinery, greasy equipments, fiberglass, dusty surroundings and even metal shavings. BAPS Cleaning is here to do the job for you with care and precision. Our staffs are well equipped to do the job with a lot of training and experience.

BAPS understands the sensitivity of your environment as well as your equipments, so we promise to handle them with great care in the process of cleaning them.

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Commercial Dishwashing

BAPS Cleaning strictly follows the health and safety requirement in cleaning your dishes as well as the surroundings. We are equipped to clean for large restaurants, bakery and patisseries. With years of experience behind us, our staffs are trained to work efficiently with great care in cleaning your cutleries, pots and all other utensils. We are confident that we can make you dishes free from bacteria and helps you in serving your customers the best food they ever have.

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General Cleaning

The main concern of any business is the cleanliness of the facilities particularly areas which have frequent public visitors. Our general cleaning services will maintain the functionality and cleanliness of any facility. Our staff are trained to perform in the smallest office environments and in large office environments that include numerous workstations. Our general cleaning service will maintain a clean work environment for employees and provide a pleasant experience for your customers. Our staff will manage every detail to ensure your facility is cleaned to your satisfaction.

Our general cleaning services will provide you with quality cleaning to enhance your establishment and project a professional appearance. BAPS will provide a clean environment for your staff and customers. We will provide exceptional results in the shortest time possible. You will be assured our superior cleaning techniques and well-trained staff will maintain your facility.

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Office Cleaning

A clean office environment should be a priority in order to ensure employees stay healthy and productive and Brightest Australia is here to provide you just that. With years of experience under our belt we are confident that we can provide your employees the office that they deserve. Our staffs are well trained to use the best chemicals and equipment that are provided while following the special health and safety standards regardless of the size of your office.

We are at BAPS will ensure that your office reflects your professionalism and quality of your company with just a glimpse. You make an investment in keeping your office why not get the best out of it.

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Window Cleaning

The BAPS window cleaning team is fully trained and properly equipped to safely clean properties regardless of size. After careful evaluation of the facilities, BAPS will provide the necessary staff and equipment for the task.

Window cleaning may require poles and ladders or our specialized Water Fed Pole Pure Water cleaning equipment. We will assess the facility to determine the type of equipment that will be needed to clean the windows. Our staff are licensed and trained to work in high risk environments. We will develop a plan and window cleaning schedule to meet your requirements.

If you have a building that is above three stories, our competent staff members are licensed by Work Safe Victoria to work in high risk environments using boom lifts.

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Carpet Cleaning

We use professional grade carpet cleaning equipment that will maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic value of your carpeting. We use environmentally friendly stain removal techniques and offer Citrus based cleaning products.

Our staffs are trained to clean any type of carpet. The type of cleaning method will be determined by our staff to ensure you receive quality cleaning results.

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Rubbish Removal

We have over 5 years of experience in the rubbish removal and waste removal industry.

Our rubbish and waste removal service is cost effective, reliable and environmentally responsible. We remove and dispose of all types of waste including but not limited to household rubbish, garage clean outs, builders rubbish, factory and office rubbish, rubbish from landscape clean ups, garden clean ups and strata rubbish. We also provide a complete commercial interior strip out service.

We will provide you with an assessment of the removal process that will meet your requirements and time frame. You can be assured we dispose of all waste in a environmentally responsible manner.

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