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The Brightest Australia Property Services (BAPS) team is capable, efficient and trained to deliver custom commercial cleaning services that exceed expectations and deliver gleaming results! BAPS is all about attention to detail and provides a high quality cleaning experience that adds value to your business operations. We make your premises shine bright, clean and inviting!



A neat, tidy and clean office is key in providing a memorable first impression and building key long term business relationships. With years of cleaning industry experience under our belt, we're confident that we can provide your employees with the hygienic office environment that they deserve.

BAPS is a trusted office cleaning company and provides office cleaning services that exceed expectations. When it comes to Melbourne office cleaning BAPS delivers commercial office cleaning and office building cleaning services as an office cleaning agency. You can trust BAPS to showcase your office in the best possible terms that reflects the professional image of your company.



BAPS provides commercial gym cleaning services and gym sanitizing services that help gym owners provide members with the best environment for their training and fitness. BAPS offers gym cleaning in Melbourne and the experienced BAPS team will also disinfect and sanitize gym equipment in addition to cleaning the gym, with a detailed checklist provided.

BAPS stands ready to deliver professional gym cleaning serviced as per the customer requirement and you can schedule cleaning tasks on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.


Aged Care Facilities

When it comes to aged care cleaning services in Melbourne you can trust the BAPS team to provide high-quality cleaning services for aged care facilities. Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance to residents of aged care facilities and the BAPS team is very attentive and careful when providing cleaning services for aged care facilities.

Any risks involved during the cleaning process can be mitigated by our experienced cleaners and comprehensive training system. The BAPS team has specialist knowledge and all the required equipment to ensure aged care facilities are always spotless and clean, thereby providing value and a positive daily experience for all staff and residents.


Restaurants, Bars & Pubs

If you operate a restaurant, bar or pub then you would value cleanliness as it plays a critical role in the success of the business. From cleaning restaurants to pub cleaning and cleaning bars, the BAPS team is committed to maintaining an environment that is conducive to the profitability of any venue.

The BAPS team will ensure an inviting first impression and help maintain a venue that is clean and appealing to your customers. The BAPS team works according to your schedule to avoid interruptions to your business operations.


Shopping Centres

With thousands of visitors on a daily basis, the cleanliness of shopping centres take centre stage in the customer experience. A clean, neat and tidy shopping centre is definitely likely to act as a driver for more and more customers to visit and spend their time browsing and shopping.

From toilets and car parks to public areas and more the BAPS cleaning team will be happy to make sure your shopping centre looks and feels inviting and appealing to both staff members and visitors.

BAPS will undertake shopping centre cleaning at your convenience so your daily operations are not interrupted or disturbed.



The BAPS factory cleaning service includes factory cleaning and factory floor cleaning. With our extensive knowledge, we can provide solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your factory.

Our fully-trained BAPS team members will work to your schedules to ensure no operations are interrupted and ensure a clean and safe environment for continued productivity.

If your factory or production area requires regular cleaning, BAPS can provide a cleaning schedule that meets your requirements with service packages offered on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


Food Processing Facilities

Regular scheduled cleaning of Food Processing Facilities must be undertaken in a systematic manner in order to meet compliance and health and safety requirements.

The specialists BAPS Team has a thorough understanding of the application and use of chemicals and cleaning agents in line with food safety guidelines, procedures, and processes.

With tight manufacturing schedules, BAPS will work around your schedule so all production activities can continue with minimal disruption.

You can trust BAPS in making sure your Food Processing Facility meets all the required standards and certifications as per local rules, regulations, and guidelines.


Medical Facilities

Hygiene, cleanliness and a superior sanitary environment are mandatory for medical facilities such as hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories and medical clinics. BAPS is experienced in medical facility cleaning and its medical facility cleaning service also includes medical office cleaning as well. BAPS takes great pride in providing professional cleaning services that help to improve the quality of your medical facility by ensuring any risks involving cleanliness and hygiene are eliminated.

BAPS is a leading provider of medical centre cleaning services and is popular for its medical centre cleaning in Melbourne. The BAPS team will work to a cleaning schedule that is flexible depending on your particular requirement. We offer our services on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and make sure our cleaning activities do not interrupt or disturb your medical practice. We clean not just for appearance but also to meet compliance and Health & Safety standards.


Childcare and Kindergarten

Cleaning of childcare facilities requires the highest level of care, and here at BAPS, we are ready and equipped to deliver on this promise. BAPS is a leading childcare cleaning company that undertakes professional childcare and kindergarten cleaning in Melbourne.

With over a decade of experience in this area of professional cleaning, our expert teams are ready to clean your premises using only the safest, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and equipment.

From kindergarten cleaning to classroom cleaning, as professional childcare facility cleaners, we are committed to helping you maintain a superior level of hygiene across all locations and situations. All BAPS team members are thoroughly vetted including background and police checks.


Educational Facilities

From schools and colleges to universities and learning institutes, BAPS offers high-quality cleaning services that ensure all locations are clean and safe for both staff and students.

To meet compliance and regulatory requirements all BAPS team members undergo a thorough background and police check before they're cleared to commence work.

BAPS has extensive experience providing professional cleaning services to schools and education facilities. The expert BAPS team only uses environmentally safe, eco-friendly products that protect students.



The BAPS team are experts at supermarket cleaning. Our experienced BAPS team members use professional-grade equipment and trusted cleaning products to help you maintain the cleanliness of your supermarket.

BAPS realizes the value of an inviting supermarket environment that can have a positive impact on the purchase decision of customers.

BAPS is committed to ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of your supermarket in order to drive staff and customer satisfaction.

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