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6 Critical types of Office Cleaning techniques

When people walk into your company, the first thing they note is your office room. Since your office space is the public face of your business, it is critical that you keep it clean. BAPS provides an excellent team of Office cleaning Melbourne wide. Their responsibilities include routine, general, and internal cleaning. They clean everything from floors and tiles to roof structure, partition walls, furniture, carpets, suspended ceilings, restrooms, kitchen and dining areas, lamps, windows, IT, and telephones, among other things. They provide you with peace of mind and, among other things, assist you in putting your best foot forward in front of your clients. 

Commercial cleaning services use a variety of techniques to maintain a spotless environment. They are classified into two types: dry and wet methods. Here are some of them:

1. Roto wash

This is used to disinfect carpets and escalators. The spinning brushes effectively remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the carpet or escalator. Until the dirt, dust, and particles have been lifted off the surface, it is sucked up using a vacuum process. This method also includes the use of a cleaning solution for a more thorough clean.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

2. Truck-mounted steam cleaner

This cleaning technique is used to clean carpets and furniture. To ensure a better result, these surfaces are vacuumed prior to this operation. It effectively removes all dirt and dust from surfaces using chemicals, water pressure, and suction.

3. Deep extraction

This procedure, which is used in carpet and fabric cleaning, sprays cleaning agents and conditioners directly onto the floor. The resulting residue is then suctioned back into the system. Because of the wand, this technique is very effective at cleaning hard-to-reach crevices in the building.

4. Encapsulation

This is a dry commercial cleaning procedure that involves applying a deep-cleaning compound to the carpet before vacuuming. Until crystallizing, this compound dissolves into the rug, collecting dust and soil. A counter-rotating system performs this task, and the residue is vacuumed immediately afterward.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

5. Steam cleaning

The oil and dirt are removed from the surfaces using high-temperature steam. Following that, vacuuming is used to remove the remaining residue. Since no chemicals are used, this is a very environmentally friendly choice.

6. Upkeep of the flooring

Some devices are used to remove grime and stubborn stains from tiled floors when washing and repairing these surfaces. Scrubbing, buffing, and polishing the flooring is done by machines. Wet mopping, stain removal, dust mop techniques, carpet spotter stain removal, and carpet vacuuming are all methods for cleaning the floor. Germicidal disinfecting wipes, which are used to clean electronics such as telephones, computer keyboards, and calculators, are another popular tool used by most businesses. 


These are only a few of the Commercial Cleaning Melbourne techniques that are commonly used. As the public becomes more environmentally aware, more businesses are adopting green cleaning practices. We have been locals’ first and favorite choice for years only because we offer the safest and reliable methods to ensure a spotless workplace for all of your commercial/office cleaning needs.

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