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Tailored Cleaning Services for variety of industries such as aged care cleaning, childcare cleaning, bakery cleaning & factory cleaning

BAPS provides services to all business sectors. We are an industry leader in property cleaning services. We understand the requirements of specialized business sectors and provide tailored services to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Offices, aged cares, childcares and bakeries Quality Cleaning Services in Melbourne


Cleaning of offices requires an experienced staff. Baps will provide fully trained team to clean all types of offices ranging from a big corporate office to small private offices. Our staff will take great care to clean and maintain your offices whether it might be an open space, a cubicle or a private office without interfering with office equipments.

BAPS is available depending on your need everyday cleaning to once a week. We are here to help you give your employees a clean and sparkling office where they can achieve their best potential.

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When it comes to banking, customers prefer to use a bank that is clean and free of clutter. Customers want to know their financial /assets are protected and maintained by a well-organized bank.

Your bank lobby is the first impression your customers will have of your bank. We will maintain your lobby and all areas of the bank to create a professional and clean environment.

Our trained staff will execute a cleaning and maintenance plan that will maintain an aesthetic and clean environment for your customers.

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Our staffs are specially trained in providing services to the Hospitality industry. BAPS offers a full range of services specifically designed to meet Hospitality industry standards.

Our services are customizable to meet the needs of any Hotel cleaning services. All of our teams have extensive training and are supervised to ensure their performance meets or exceeds industry standards.

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Restaurants Bars and Pubs

BAPS will provide comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services to maintain your establishment. Cleanliness is the most important attribute of any restaurant, bar or pub.

We will provide a comprehensive cleaning plan to help you maintain an establishment that is clean and appealing to your customers. Our comprehensive plan offers services such as window and carpet cleaning without additional charges.

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Kitchens and Canteens

The kitchen requires a high standard of cleaning and sanitisation techniques. BAPS will provide the expertise to ensure kitchens and canteens meet or exceed the required standards.

We ensure the following troublesome areas are thoroughly cleaned:

canopies, filters, cookers, grills, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, ice making machines, mechanical waste disposal units, cutting boards, deep fat fryers, food mixers, walls, electrical equipments, all work surfaces, hot cupboards and floor areas

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BAPS has extensive experience in providing cleaning services to schools. Each member of our staff undergoes a thorough background and police check.

We provide high quality cleaning services to ensure schools are safe and clean. We use environmentally safe products that protect the environment and students from unnecessary exposure to harsh chemicals.

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Childcare and Kindergarten

Childcare cleaning requires the highest level of care and we are up for a challenge. All the health and safety policies and procedures will be followed with great care. We are here to help you in maintaining good hygiene in your childcare. Every child should be able to learn in an environment that keep their health and safety a priority.

With years of experience under our belt, we are highly qualified to clean your childcare property spotless using only the safest cleaning supplies and equipment for the little ones. We will not only clean your childcare but also make sure to disinfect and sanitize it to keep all the nasty germs away.

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Aged Care Facility

Aged Care Facility has a crucial role in creating a good environment for the elderly. BAPS Cleaning is very attentive and careful when providing the aged care facility cleaning services for Aged Care Centre.

There are few risks can be involved during cleaning process but we can completely mitigate them by our experienced cleaners and a comprehensive management system. Firstly, we have a detailed schedule for the time and date when cleaners arrive so it will reduce the risk of affecting the elderly daily lives. Secondly, if the cleaners have any infections, we will immediately replace by other cleaning experts. Thirdly, we provided all the cleaning equipments, which are absolutely appropriate and always maintained in hygiene standards. In short, we will try to keep the best environment for the elderly without any exceptions.

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BAPS understands the crucial need to maintain a clean and sanitized medical facility. We provide a full range of medical cleaning services that include extensive cleaning plans for clinical and surgical areas.

Our staffs are specially trained to clean your theatres, clinical areas, medical suits, car parks, plant rooms, administration areas and even your kitchens.

We will provide your hospital with an extensive cleaning plan that includes accountability of services and environmentally responsible cleaning procedures.

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Medical Clinics

Our staffs are fully qualified and committed in maintaining all the Cleaning Standards laid out by the Victoria State government. We take pride in providing a service that helps improve the quality of your Medical Clinic by ensuring all the risks involving cleanliness is eliminated. We make sure to clean not just for the appearance but for health.

Our staffs have access to the best cleaning supplies and equipments in the market at their disposal. With years of experience under our belt, we are sure to provide service that is best suited for you.

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Our skilled technicians will perform all aspects of laboratory cleaning and maintenance. We provide expert construction cleaning to daily cleaning. Whether the laboratory is of Class 8, Class 4, sterile or non-sterile, we have skilled technicians trained to clean and maintain a professional laboratory environment.

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BAPS is among Melbourne's leading shopping centre cleaning firms. Based in Melbourne, we provide quality supermarket cleaning services.

We use professional grade equipment and cleaning products to maintain the cleanliness of any supermarket. We have the resources and staff to provide your supermarket with an extensive cleaning plan.

We also provide extensive maintenance services that include electrician and plumbing services. We will provide these services during or after business hours to meet the needs or your business.

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Brightest Australia Property Services is experienced in factory cleaning and maintenance services. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we will provide solutions customized to meet the needs of your factory.

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Keeping warehouse space cleaned and organized is a challenge for most business. BAPS will provide you with expert cleaning and maintenance services. Our team of well-trained staff will maintain your warehouse to optimize efficiency.

We will provide you with a detailed maintenance and cleaning plan designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Going to a gym is now an undeniable trend for all ages. People come to the gym for various purposes including setting fitness goals and maintaining their current fitness level. However, if the equipment and premises are not clean and well presented, the members will never go back.

At BAPS, we target at keeping the gym be clean and hygienic not only for attracting customers but also for providing members the best environment to do training. Many people have complained that their gym equipment is super dirty and they even get some trouble with their skin after finishing gym sections. Since we provide the daily cleaning, the situation will never happen again. Besides that, we also provide a wide range of gym cleaning services based on your specific cleaning need. The job will be performed by gym cleaning experts with a detailed checklist provided.

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